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Terms & Condition

Terms and Condition About Your Flight
Please ensure that when you give us the passenger names they must be given as they appear in each of their passports. Name
may not be changed once the booking is confirmed.
When you make a booking you must pay a deposit as stated on your booking confirmation. We reserve the right to increase the
price of the airfares, taxes and surcharges until your invoice is paid for in full.
Validity of passport, visas, endorsements and travel immunisations are passenger’s responsibility. Certain airlines and countries
may refuse to board passenger not complying with the requirements which may result in the full cancellation fee.
Payment methods:
You can make payment by cash personal cheques, bank/building society drafts, bank transfer, credit and debit cards. Visa and
MasterCard are accepted at an additional charge of 3%. Debit Cards are accepted with no extra charge. Charges incurred for
special cheque clearance, returned or represented cheques, bank transfers, traveller’s cheques, credit cards, euro cheques will
be passed on to the passenger. Please allow 10 days to clear personal cheques before issue of tickets.
Payment dates:
Payment dates are shown on the front of your receipt. We reserve the right to cancel the booking and apply the appropriate
cancellation charges if these dates are not met. There will be an administration fee of up to £50 per person to reinstate the
booking, if the seats are still available.
If you wish to cancel or change any detail of your booking, we can only act on your written instructions. Please check all the
details as soon as you receive the invoice as any alternation to the names after booking will be treated as a cancellation.
If you wish to change your date of departure or cancel we shall be happy to do this subject to the payment of the relevant
alteration or cancellation fees applicable to your booking as well as an administration fee in the case of an alteration.
However, many tickets cannot be changed after booking (and no refunds given after cancellation) and if this applies to your
booking, this will be shown on the invoice. Refunds, when available, may take up to 8 weeks to process from the airlines and
can only be given to the person who first made the booking. However all the refund payment will be made by CHEQUE. We do
not pay refund by CASH. Any change of address must be notified to us in writing by the lead name the booking.
Ticket Issue:
Tickets will generally be issued between 4-6 weeks prior to travel, subject to the conditions of the ticket or work load of the
ticketing department. However, the company reserves the right to issue at an earlier date subject to the complete cost of the
ticket being paid. Tickets will be posted 3 weeks prior to departure date. Where applicable an e-ticket will be issued (an extra
fee will be charged by the airline if on an e-ticket able route a customer demands a coupon style ticket.
Liability and problems:
Newham Travel Ltd acts as a booking agent for the airlines named on our invoice and we have no liability whatsoever for any
aspects of the travel arrangements and accepts no responsibility for any loss, personal injury or death howsoever caused,
except where caused by our own proven negligence.
Newham Travel Ltd
56 Upton Lane, london E7 9LN , Tel- 02084728777, EMAIL-
Passports and visa: Minimum validity of the passport required to travel is SIX MONTHS. Visas and any other documents
required to travel are the responsibility of each passenger. You should check to make sure your passport is up to date and
valid beyond your date of return and if necessary check with the relevant Consulate for the country being visited. If you do
not have the correct documentation you will be prevented from travelling and we shall have no further liability.
Flight times: As shown in our invoice are correct at the time of printing but all airlines reserve the right to amend these
times, please check your tickets on receipt for the correct times. The contractual terms of the airlines that provide
transportation apply to this contract. As these may limit your right to compensation you may ask for a copy of the relevant
conditions from our office. Where an airline withdraws a confirmed flight, or where we believe that alternative flights are
more suitable we reserve the right to amend your booking accordingly. We shall inform you of any such change as soon as
Flight Check In: Desk will be open 3 hours before departure and will close 1 hour before departure. Please make sure you
arrive on time for check in.
No Show: In case of NO SHOW, tickets are non-refundable. (If you arrive late, fail to check-in, if airlines refused to boarding,
if airlines leave you behind for any reason, not having valid documents and ect.)